Company profile

Founded in 2003, Paradigm Group is a specialist Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company providing unrivalled expertise in the areas of Fleet Systems, Payment Solutions, Customer Engagement Solutions, Business Analysis, Software Architecture & Development and Server Management. Headquartered in Claremont, South Africa. We help organisations of all sizes stay competitive through the implementation of business strategy and delivery of technology projects.

Paradigm Group has extensive experience in delivering technology solutions for Petroleum, Retail and Convenience industries. Our regional technology center in Asia augments our deep technical knowledge and ensures seamless delivery along with cost-saving opportunities and additional operational efficiencies.

The group consists of 4 divisions, Paradigm Technologies, Paradigm Solutions, Paradigm Products and Paradigm Ventures. Paradigm Products includes products like Payment24, CRMBill and NetDrive. All these products have been developed wholly by Paradigm Systems in-house.


Company Ownership

Paradigm Group is a closed corporation registered in the Republic of South Africa. Paradigm Solutions Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Paradigm Group.